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Walnuts complete. Next up: Peanuts!

The day has arrived that I am.. NO LONGER AT RISK OF ANAPHYLAXIS FROM TREE NUTS!! Walnut was the last tree nut that I dosed for, and on Wednesday, I challenged it at the clinic, passed, and am now clear to freely eat walnut.

For those of you who are new to my journey, you can read my story HERE. If you aren't familiar with the Tolerance Induction program - the treatment program I am going through, you can read about it HERE.

Through TIP, which I started back in 2017, I have dosed for many foods, including all the tree nuts. I dosed them in the following order: brazil nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, cashews, pecans and walnuts.

As of Wednesday, brazil nut, macadamia nut and pine nut HAVE ALL COMPLETELY DROPPED FROM MY MAINTENANCE!! That means that I don't need to eat them at all if I don't want to, or I can eat them freely in large amounts if I wish to! (Thank goodness because brazil nuts are nasty). I did not expect for any of the tree nuts to completely drop from my maintenance, so this was a pleasant surprise! After two years of eating brazil nuts daily, I am not sad to part to ways.

As for the rest of the nuts, I am currently eating four pistachios, five cashews, eight pecan halves and eight walnut halves daily. Pistachios are currently capped at four, meaning I cannot eat more than four a day, but I must eat those four. I am anxiously waiting for the cap on pistachios to be lifted because they are the only nut I actually enjoy eating! As for cashews, pecans and walnuts, I must eat the minimum amount but am free to eat more if I wish to.

Almonds and hazelnuts are a slightly different story, as they are on weekly maintenance. These two nuts have always caused me issues since the very beginning, so my maintenance for them is constantly changing. I have not gone into anaphylaxis from dosing almonds or hazelnuts, nor have I gone into anaphylaxis from them at any point during maintenance, but they still do cause a weird sensation in my throat that quickly resolves with a small amount of Benadryl. It has not been a smooth road with these two nuts in particular, but knowing that I am not at risk of a reaction at all from cross contamination of almonds or hazelnuts, gives me the strength and the patience to keep pushing forward until my immune system decides to fully accept these two nuts as well! I can eat them in large amounts without going into anaphylaxis, but the sensation in my throat just gets amplified to a point that makes me uncomfortable.

At the clinic on Wednesday, I challenged about 18 grams of walnuts (not sure how many that it is - but it was A LOT!), and then I ran for five minutes to try to induce symptoms in order to ensure that I have truly passed the challenge and my body has developed a complete tolerance.

Once that was over with, I started the next food... PEANUTS! If you remember from my last blog post, passing peanut is supposed to clear me for almost all remaining fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that I am still reacting to.

Peanuts will take longer - all of the tree nuts took an average of 6 weeks each to dose for and clear, but peanuts is due to take about four months, so three times as long. I started with the tiniest amount, an amount not even visible to the naked eye! I always started with MUCH higher amounts with the tree nuts, so this was definitely new for me.

I am starting this week at 1mg, and in six weeks, I will be up to 36mg and will return to the clinic to updose from there. I have no idea what amount I will be updosing to, so hopefully that will be a fun surprise! I am just hoping it's to an amount that I can actually see!

And for those of you wondering what ever happened with pecans, (in my last blog post I talked about how the pecans made my mouth really dry and made me gag and it freaked me out so I had to crush them up in order to eat them), it took about two or three days to get used to, but I now eat them in full form, without crushing them, and have no sensations in my mouth. It was really most likely psychological! Seeing the actual nut and just eating it casually takes some time getting used to.

Here's to the next six weeks going smoothly with peanut!

My goal for 2019: reach food freedom by the end of the year!

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