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The struggle of food allergies in the work place

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

I had to stop working at my full-time position at FashionTV because of my food allergies.

Not sure if anyone has experienced the same situation, but my food allergies were really getting in the way. First of all, I can't eat out - AT ALL. So that means having to pack lunch to work every single day. Second of all, the workplace was full of my many allergens - EVERYWHERE. And as an adult, it's not so easy to tell other adults in the workplace that what they are eating could kill you. How was I supposed to make an office of 30 people stop drinking soy milk in the office when more than half of them did?

On top of all the anxieties that came from those two issues, there was then the anxiety of having an allergic reaction at the office, as no one there had a clue what anaphylaxis was or what the symptoms were. Almost all of them have never seen an epi pen in their life. And yes, you could say it was a great opportunity to educate others, but more than likely they would still not take it seriously and view me as a bit of a hypochondriac.

I guess you could say that it was 50% my food allergies and 50% my anxiety that caused me to have to quit my full-time position. And never hold one again.

I mean, in college I did concentrate in entrepreneurship, it's not that I am blaming it all on my food allergies. But I think the food allergies was really the final push to get me to be an entrepreneur earlier in life rather than later.

Who else has a full-time job with severe food allergies? How do you handle it?

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