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Soy Dosing - TIP

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

If you've been following along my OIT journey, you would know that I recently finished dosing for almonds! I now have to eat a minimum of 8 almonds a day but can eat however many more my heart desires :) That means no more checking labels for may contain almonds or even for CONTAINS almonds! (Please keep in mind that most doctors do not have their patients reach "free eating" of the allergen during OIT).

I decided to take a 3 week break as I was extremely nervous about my next allergen - soy. In order to prepare my body for soy protein dosing, I was told to eat a minimum amount of soy sauce daily. Because I was not doing that due to anxiety, I decided to take the 3 weeks to focus on the soy sauce and prep my body for soy protein dosing.

When the 3 weeks was up, it was time to drink 5ml of soy milk - my biggest fear. I caused a scene at the doctors office! I made 3 nurses stand in the room with epinephrine and Benadryl out and ready to go. I should also mention that I was hooked up to every machine possible tracking my heart and lungs.

The doctor's personal medical assistant found the situation hilarious. He is my age so we get along great and he was laughing at me. Surprisingly, that actually helped calm me down because it got me into a state of mind that it wasn't such a big deal and that there was nothing to worry about.

Well, he was right, because after taking the dose and even half an hour after, I was symptom free. I was in shock. I was SO SURE I was going to react because I have gone into anaphylaxis from cross-contamination of soy milk, as in literally one drop! And 5ml, well that's a bit more than just a drop. I was so amazed and so relieved that it went smoothly because the night before I slept 2 hours thinking about this moment.

Now I'm already up to 10ml of soy milk just 7 days later. It is absolutely crazy. Tackling my biggest fear has given me such a good feeling. It isn't even about food allergies anymore - it's about making me a stronger person. I feel on top of the world that I was able to overcome my intense anxiety and continue with the high dosing of soy milk. I never thought I would ever be able to eat soy again, which also meant not going to places like Starbucks due to cross contamination. I remember the very last coffee I drank from Starbucks and was sure it would be my last.

But guess what you guys! In just 4 more weeks when I complete soy milk dosing and challenge over 60ml of soy milk, I will have my first cup of coffee from Starbucks since this all began. And I can't wait to share that moment with you guys.

I know I have "disappeared" the last few weeks - things have gotten very hectic with Risk At First Bite (in a very good way) but I am back and will be resuming my Sunday dosing live streams on Instagram! Don't miss out this Sunday as I take my soy milk dose live. See you there!

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