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Pistachio Complete. Next Up: Cashew.

For those of you who are new to my blog: welcome! I am so happy that you are here. If you haven't yet read my 2018 year treatment summary, you can read it here. And if you are new to my blog and want to know more about what I'm allergic to and how my food allergies developed, read the about section here.

I started dosing for pistachio at the end of January right after I finished with macadamia. If you have been following along, you know that at the beginning, I was having a spicy sensation when eating even crumbs of a pistachio. To read the full story on what happened, click here.

For those who remember this issue and want to know what happened, here are the details. I was told to bake the pistachio into a baked good, so I was baking it into cookies. Even baked into a cookie though, I was still experiencing a spicy sensation. The sensation was definitely minimized, but it was still there. So I was then advised to bake into something more carb heavy, such as a muffin.

It definitely helped to bake it into something heavier. Eventually though, the spicy sensation began to fade about half way through my dosing, so about 3 weeks after starting. Then it was kind of on and off for a week.

The last two weeks of dosing, I was able to eat the pistachio baked into just a cookie again and had no spicy sensation! It eventually just faded, and I had no more spicy sensations or other symptoms.

This morning, Friday March 8th, I went in for my official pistachio challenge after dosing for six weeks. This time, I did not eat it baked into anything, but rather just mixed with melted chocolate.

I felt slightly nervous for the first bite since it wasn't baked into something anymore, but my anxiety quickly faded as I didn't experience any weird sensations or tastes. I ended up eating about 12 pistachios total crushed up into the melted chocolate. As soon as I finished, I was sent to the exercise room to run on the treadmill for five minutes.

In case you aren't familiar with the Tolerance Induction Program, after every challenge you then run for five minutes to raise your heart rate and body temperature in order to ensure that you really will not react.

The pistachio challenge was pretty fast - I was not as anxious for this challenge as I was for some of my other challenges, and I had no symptoms at all. After giving my body a few minutes for my heart rate to drop back down to normal, I then took my introductory dose for cashew of about 300mg.

I got slightly itchy for a couple of minutes, but it resolved with water. I was cleared and sent home to begin dosing for cashew which I will be doing for the next six weeks!

I now have to add pistachios to my maintenance dosing and will be eating 4 every day. For now, my pistachio dose is capped at those 4 pistachios, which means I am not free to eat more than that. As soon as I clear cashew in 6 weeks, the cap on pistachio will be lifted and I will be free to eat both nuts as much as I want, whenever I want.

I am super excited to finish with cashew because pistachios and cashews are the only two nuts I ever enjoyed eating before all of my food allergies developed!

As to what food is next, I have not been told at this point. I am redoing all blood work in two weeks which will help determine the next step. Stay tuned!

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