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I finished TIP dosing for almonds!

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

I am still in shock. On Monday,I went into my allergist's office and ate 20 almonds.

Only 2 months ago, I could not sit in a room if someone was eating almonds. I wouldn't go into anaphylaxis, but the smell would bother me and I would get an itchy throat. If almonds were to cross-contaminate with anything that I ate, I would go into anaphylaxis.

I started dosing for almonds with only 75mg. In just 6 weeks, I was eating 3/4 of a teaspoon of ground up almonds. That's about 2.2 grams. Which is crazy by the way - I didn't think it would be that fast!

I updosed once a week at home, and each time I was so nervous. I would get anxious, having my EpiPen and Benadryl by my side ready to take action. But nothing happened.

Every time I dosed or updosed I experienced no symptoms. Just extreme fatigue 20 minutes later due to crashing from my heightened anxiety during the dose.

To help calm my nerves, I live streamed on Instagram every Sunday. Having the supports of my followers watching me and encouraging me made me feel at ease. If something were to happen, I would have rational advice coming my way. Although, nothing did ever happen. I did sneeze once, but that was about it.

After the 6 weeks, I expected to go into my allergist appointment awaiting a large updose or something and getting a plan to continue dosing. Instead, they had me eat 20 almonds which is about 24 grams and then run for 5 minutes after to try and induce anaphylaxis purposely.

I was sure that I would react. How could I go from eating 2.2 grams daily to suddenly eating 24 grams?! But I didn't react. Nothing happened.

When the challenge was over, I was told I can now eat almonds freely. I would have to eat a certain amount of almonds each day as my "minimum daily maintenance dose" but was completely cleared for cross-contamination and able to eat anything that contained almonds if I wished to.

So basically, it's as if I was never allergic.

It has only been 6 weeks. I am in shock. When I look at almonds, I still feel terrified. My mind hasn't caught up with my body. My emotions are not in check.

But today I ate 20 almonds. And didn't even react. Not even one symptom. (Okay, except for this major feeling in my throat due to acid reflux because I was on an empty stomach, and for someone who suffers from severe acid reflux, an empty stomach is the worst thing possible).

The thing is you guys, there are no words. I'm just in shock! I'm honestly in shock that it only took 6 weeks and my body can completely tolerate almonds. It's still not real to me.

I am taking a 3 week break before I begin to dose for soy. To be honest, I was supposed to be eating soy sauce the past couple of months to help my body start building a small tolerance to soy so that I would be able to smoothly handle the dosing - but my anxiety got in the way and I just couldn't do it.

So they decided it wouldn't be safe for me to being their soy dosing protocol today as planned. We decided that I would ignore my anxiety and just eat the soy sauce everyday and come back in 3 weeks to begin dosing for soy. So that's what I did - I literally shut down my anxious feelings and I ate chicken with rice soaked in soy sauce for dinner. Yes, I might have been crying and having a panic attack the whole time which is again, horrible for acid reflux so I almost threw up after eating, but once I calmed down it was all fine again. I even did some exercise like 10 minutes later and got my heart rate going!

So in 3 weeks, I will once again return and start dosing for soy. I'm terrified, but I'm going to do it. Because I didn't believe what just happened with almond dosing. I believe now. It's just crazy.

To celebrate - I bought sweet almond body soap, almond body butter, almond hand lotion, almond body scrub and almond shampoo.

And the opening scene of Risk At First Bite will feature an animation story featuring an almond character, dedicated to my first OIT graduation food!

**DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home yourself. Consult a board certified allergist. OIT is not safe if not done with proper protocols. Every doctor has different protocols and a different process with different goals. Some doctors have goals of free eating and some have goals of tolerance from cross-contamination. Not all OIT processes are the same.

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