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TIP for Hazelnuts: complete!

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

For the past 8 weeks, I have been dosing for hazelnuts - starting at just 25mg and working my way up to 3/4 teaspoon! Then, I went in for my "final challenge" and ate 17 hazelnuts in the allergist's office.

After eating the 17 hazelnuts, I took a spoonful of nutella to celebrate, and then I headed into the "gym" at the SoCal Food Allergy Institute and ran for 5 minutes to try and induce symptoms of anaphylaxis.

Well, since nothing happened, I got to go home and enjoy another spoonful of nutella :

I will now have to eat 6 hazelnuts every day to maintain the tolerance, but that amount will eventually go down to weekly and then monthly. But for now, I really don't mind! Hazelnuts are actually tasty to me. Much tastier than the 8 almonds I'm currently eating everyday and the soy milk I need to drink daily as well.

Next week I will be getting blood work drawn - it has been over a year since I've done any type of allergy testing as I've been busy dosing for foods and going through SLIT for my environmental allergies. So I'm really excited to see what the numbers show and curious to see what Dr. R comes up with as my next steps.

Thanks to IGTV, you can watch my hazelnut challenge at the allergist's office on our Instagram --> @nonuts4me Look for "Hazelnut OIT Challenge" episode. Let me know if you have gone through a similar experience!

WATCH the challenge on IGTV!

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