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Having a dog when you have environmental allergies!

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

When you have severe environmental allergies like me, (as in allergic to every tree, grass, weed and so on), having a dog is definitely not in your best interest. Even if it's a "hypoallergenic" dog like mine, dogs still shed skin and pollen still gets stuck in their fur. And they also still run around in the grass and eat leaves if they're like my dog!

Well, thank goodness I am only anaphylactic to cats and not to dogs, because I could not live without a dog! And yes, I actually did test positive for dogs during my skin test, but the reaction was much less than cats! And my daily allergy medication is enough to control my slight symptoms around dogs.

So my dog's name is Dubi and he weighs 2.5 pounds. He is a Maltipoo, which means he is a mix of a Maltese and a poodle, which are both hypoallergenic dogs. Although he is supposed to not shed at all, he does shed very little, but maybe that's because he is still a puppy?

Anyways, here are some tips on handling a dog with severe environmental and food allergies:

1. Brush the dogs fur everyday to get pollen and other things out!

2. Wash the dog AT LEAST once a week! Make sure to wash him, then brush him out, and blow-dry him to be extra thorough!

3. When you do wash your dog, wear nitrile gloves (like latex gloves, just without the latex), in order to avoid getting stuff like pollen, dirt, shampoo, etc on your hands! You never know what could cause a reaction.

4. Wear long sleeves!! If you're dog is like Dubi, he doesn't like baths (most dogs don't). So he will try to climb up me to escape. One time he scratched me. I put a bandaid on. The bandaid cause severe contact dermatitis and I STILL have a scar!! Don't make this same mistake, wear long sleeves to be extra safe.

Do you have severe environmental allergies and still have a dog? What precautions do you take in order to lower the risk of worsening your symptoms?

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