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  • This newsletter is sent via email once a month with links to food allergy studies that were published that month in various peer-reviewed medical journals. Each study will contain a one sentence summary about the most important point or breakthrough from that study.

The Complete Food Allergy Guide:

  • ​Advocating for yourself or your child with food allergies is hard when you don't have all the information. In a case like this, knowledge really is power. The complete food allergy guide is available to subscription members only. New sections are constantly being added and each section is updated as needed. The guide covers a wide range of topics from what a food allergy is, to different types of tests and treatments available, all the way to support resources for living with food allergies. At the bottom of each section, members can submit specific questions or topics that they would like to be included in the food allergy guide. The guide is great for a variety of different uses such as for those just diagnosed with food allergies, those wanting to learn more, and it can even be used to come up with questions for your next allergist appointment. The comprehensive food allergy guide is available for unlimited access here on my website.

Access to Exclusive Educational Articles on Immunology Topics:

  • As I complete my Masters of Science in Microbiology & Immunology, I will be writing short, simple articles on topics that I learn about regarding immunology, with a focus on allergic conditions. These articles will be easy to read and simple for anyone to understand - not just people in the science field! The weekly educational articles on immunology topics will be available on my blog for members only. You will also have access to all previous educational articles already written!

Weekly Food Allergy Research Study Highlights:

  • Unlike the monthly newsletter, the weekly in-depth summaries will focus on one specific food allergy study each week. The study will include a short two to three paragraph summary highlighting the important points and any major breakthroughs. This is a great way to stay on top of all the latest research. These food allergy study summaries will be available on my blog for members only. You will also have access to all previous food allergy research study summaries already written!

30 Minute Q&A Members Only Zoom Calls:

  • Join in on the weekly zoom calls along with other members, where I will answer questions for 30 minutes regarding any of my exclusive educational articles, research studies, my own research experience, or anything at all about living with food allergies.

Unlimited Access to Risk At First Bite:

  • Watch my documentary film on food allergies that features multiple board certified allergists and other physicians. The film also interviews children living with food allergies and shares part of my story of living with food allergies. 

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