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When it comes to food allergies, advocating for yourself or for your child is hard when you don't have all the information available. There is a lot of unknowns still with food allergies, but there is a lot knowledge that we do already have. Understanding the connections within and between plant families and protein families, being aware of all the different food allergy tests currently available, and knowing about the different treatment options including the pros and cons of each one, is information that anyone with food allergies should have. 


The complete food allergy guide covers all of these topics and more, from general adverse reactions to foods to diagnosis and treatment options for IgE-mediated food allergies. (Don't know what IgE means? Don't worry! It's covered in the guide!)


The food allergy guide also covers the mechanisms of anaphylaxis and compares the differences between common medications found on anaphylaxis plans around the world, including various antihistamines, steroids, and epinephrine. 

The guide is written in an easy to read style, making it simple for anyone to understand - even those with absolutely no background in medicine or science. 


Ways to use the guide:

  • Learn more about life-threatening food allergies 

  • Discover options for food allergies when it comes to testing and treatment 

  • Use it as a guide to prepare questions for your allergist appointment

New sections are constantly being added to the guide over time, and the guide is updated every four months to ensure it is up to date with the latest research and findings. 

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The comprehensive food allergy guide currently covers the following topics:

What is an adverse food reaction?

Mechanisms of Anaphylaxis

The connection between environmental allergens and food allergies

Food Allergy Testing & Diagnosis

Treatment for Environmental Allergies

Treatment for Food Allergies

Different Types of Antihistamines and Other Drugs

Finding Support for Managing Food Allergies

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All sections of the comprehensive food allergy guide contain a list of sources with links at the bottom of the section for reference of all content as well as for anyone interested in further reading. If you're curious about my credentials for analyzing food allergy studies and research that is part of the guide, please refer to the ABOUT section.